Heart's Desire Roller Derby

Welp, this one ended up being a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be when we scheduled it. I had reached out to my old college friend Elyse because I knew she was involved in a roller derby league up near Scranton. Since we were going to be in the area already I thought it would be great to put Pumper on some skates and see what he could do. The answer was not much! I hadn't been on skates in probably 15 years and this was not like getting back on a bike. It became pretty clear that I wouldn't be able to actually compete with the girls in an actual game, so instead we just had some fun with it and learned more about roller derby. We all have a new found respect for roller derby athletes and what they can do on skates. Want to give a huge shoutout to our new friends at the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Roller Derby league! They came out on a Sunday morning to help us shoot the video and babysit Pumper! Keep watching all summer as Pumper goes on more adventures!

Heart's Desire Whitewater Rafting

This was definitely one of the events we were most excited about when we started planning this video campaign. I had reached out to Jim Greenbaum with Whitewater Adventures in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania back in January and he said we could definitely make it work. When we got to the rapids on the day of the shoot Jim and his entire staff went out of their way to accommodate us and make sure we were going to get the best footage possible. Even more importantly they kept all of us in the boats all day! We had a great time and Pumper was even able to help paddle a little bit throughout the trip. Hope you enjoy the video and keep following our adventures all summer!

Video Campaign Kick Off

We are super excited to officially launch our Hearts Desire Video Campaign today! All summer long we are going to be traveling around the country as Pumper the Heart does all kinds of fun and crazy activities. The point of the campaign is to show that organ, tissue, and cornea transplantation gives people a "second chance" at life and allows them to continue to chase their dreams, goals, and hearts desires. We would like to give a huge shout out to The 1889 Foundation who generously awarded us a grant to make this campaign a reality. So please follow us all summer, like and share our posts, and keep an eye out for all of Pumper's crazy adventures! And if you're not already an organ donor you can sign up by visiting www.registerme.org